Xbox announce wireless Xbox One controller for PC coming soon

xbox-one-controller-PFTPC gaming is steadily catching up to consols as it offers much better performance with the ability to customise your hardware. On of the things that puts a lot of people off switching over to PC gaming is the input method. Most PC gamers use a keyboard and mouse to control the games whereas consols like the Xbox One and PS4 have their own controllers that many people prefer.

Xbox one controller PFTIf you download the drivers from Microsofts website you can play your PC games with an Xbox controller though there is no wireless support so you have to use a micro USB cable to connect to your PC. This isn’t too big of an issue but the ability to use the controller wirelessly is a very handy feature.

This week at GDC Microsoft announced that they are to start selling a wireless adapter for their controllers. This will likely cost around $25 and I would expect that it’ll be a very popular product.

This will go on sale later this year and I will be picking one up when it comes out so stay tuned for more coverage of this product.

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