WWDC – what to expect


With Apples World Wide Developers Conference coming up tomorrow I thought that I would run through some of the main rumors that have been circulating.

Apples WWDC will run across 4 days from june 10th to june 14th. It is where apple will make some hardware and software announcements and then work with developers and show them how to work with the new technologies.

There has been a lot of talk about new hardware like a possible mac pro but the main focus has certainly been on iOS7. The long-awaited successor to iOS6 it rumored to have a totally redesigned UI with a flatter design. There will also hopefully be some new features for example use of widgets and quick access to settings in either the notifications bar or the double tap dock. Overall I am really hoping that apple do realise iOS7 and I hope there are big changes though nothing like Windows 8!!!

The second thing I will speak about is iRadio. This is rumored to be a service similar to Pandora. Apple have recently signed deals with some major record labels hinting the arrival of the  new music subscription service.

We have now covered the main software speculations but there is still a lot of hardware to speak about. First the heavily rumored iWatch. All of the major technology manufacturers have been linked with wearable technology. In Apples it’s the iWatch. We don’t know that much about what it would do or what OS it would run. I expect that it would be similar to the Nike Fuel band or the Jawbone Up so it would have lots of fitness related technology but also have the capability to be paired with your iPhone so that you could receive notifications and alerts. I would also expect it to have NFC capabilities to alow for easy cardless payment and other handy features. As for the OS I would expect a scaled down version of iOS with minimal apps available.

There are also rumors of an iPad mini 2. When the iPad mini was release I was a bit surprised that it didn’t have a retina display or the newest processor but I love my iPad  mini and it is probably my favorite tablet as I love the form factor and the design. I would expect the iPad mini 2 to have A better screen and a faster processor.

We should also be expecting a iPhone 5s in the near future though Apple may want to hold a separate event to launch the new phone. As with th 3g and the 3gs and th 4 and the 4s we should expect the same design and shape but minor software and hardware changes. Moving from the 4 to the 4s the main difference was the addition of Siri so expect to see some new features like on the Samsung Galaxy  S4. The 5s may also be available in multiple colours instead of just the black or white following in the footsteps of the new iPod touch.

The final hardware upgrade to expect is a new Mac Pro. The Mac Pro hasn’t been upgraded in a while now so a new one is long overdue. A project manager at Apple let it slip that someting “really different” is coming so what should we expect? Well the answer is nobody knows. The “really different” could refer to either the design or the internals we really don’t know. Personally i expect both. Apple has had a long time to work on this so i could expect some major changes.

Overall I am really looking forward to WWDC and I think that it will either be truly amazing or a total flop. All i want to see is new tech that will push the bar higher and take Apple out of the troubled waters that they are currently in.

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