When WinnerGear first sent me an email about their new cable I honestly didn’t expect much as I wouldn’t usually get too exited about a simple USB cable but when I took a closer look I realised this was in fact a lot more interesting that ‘a simple USB cable’.

The WinnerGear MICFLIP is the worlds first fully reversible micro USB cable meaning that it works whichever way you plug it in. This is extremely handy and can save you a lot of time when you are trying to put something on charge.


As for the build of this cable it is fairly perfect. It has a coated braided cable which allows for tangle free usage and a very strong build. The connectors are also gold plated which will improve the quality and lifetime of the cable. To top it off the rest is made from high quality brushed aluminium which not only looks good but is very sturdy.

This cable comes in a 20cm, 100cm and 200cm option which cover most basis and you can choose between red/black, silver or gold which all look very nice. This will cost you £9 which is by no means cheap but WinnerGear does offer free international shipping which is a nice bonus.

One issue I have with this device is that there is no reversible full sized USB on the opposite end of the cable which would have been a nice touch but really isn’t a big deal.

Overall this is a very nice product though is definitely a bit pricey.

If you wish you can buy the product here –


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