Surface Phone on the horizon?

When Microsoft decided to purchase the smartphone division of Nokia, many would have -including myself- predicted that The Redmond Giant was gearing up for a release of a flagship device, dripping of all the goodness that Windows 10 was supposed to bring to the smartphone market. However, time has passed and no such device has been anywhere closed to being rumoured. But the thing with time, it can convince anyone of anything. Look at Nokia refusing to ditch SymbianOS in favours of something more developed, and then doing a 180 turn and getting into cahoots with Windows Mobile.

And now, following colossal losses on the acquisition of the Finish device maker rumoured to be around 1.9 Billion of Her Majesty’s Imperial Credits, Microsoft may be final warming to the idea of a Microsoft smartphone, being built and designed from A to Z by themselves. The Surface brand has been closely associated with tablets, but now this may be in line to change. Screen shots have been leaked, sending the rumour mill into a frenzy with a device with a codename of “Juggernaut Alpha” may be the Surface-named Microsoft headliner. From the leaks, analysts have pointed towards a 5.5-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 1440×2560 powered by a Intel Atom x3 (SoFIA) CPU and 4GB of RAM with storage options going as high a 128GB. Other rumoured specs include Wireless charging and USB Type-C and a 21 MP PureView Zeiss main camera and a 8MP Zeiss front camera.

With only a screenshot to go on, it is incredibly difficult to give any of these specs any validity. For all I know, some bloke behind a computer may be having a wet-dream about Windows10 and Microsoft Surface by the sounds of things. However, and this is big, if these are in fact true, we could be looking at another device that we may consider to be in the big leagues, fighting the S6s and the iPhones. A device like this should lead a surge in new Windows powered Smartphones if there is any hope to lead a resurgence in Windows powered smartphone sales. The smartphone world is cruel and ruthless, it may be too late for Microsoft to consolidate their position as a genuine contender in the market. However, the saddest part of this could be the pathetic demise of Nokia, who sold their soul for this to happen. I guess if this doesn’t come to fruition, we may be left to wonder what could have been. A release such as this is imperative to fully judge the success of Windows 10, and or the damage it has caused.

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