Steam Machines announced. Are consoles facing an Attack of the Clones?

Not so long ago, Valve announced that it was working on a new incarnation of their tremendously popular gaming platform called Steam. The Valve boffins told us that they were working on something called Steam OS, which was designed to give a better all round gaming experience and would run along side Windows on most machines. Valve also announced their indirect entry into the hardware market by partnering with numerous hardware companies to cater for all tastes by making devices to suit every desire and requirement. At this years CES, Valve finally revealed a few of the “Steam Machines” in partnerships with the relevant makers. There were many Steam Boxes on show; ranging in price, size, power, speed and colour. All the devices shown were running both Windows and Valves brand new Steam OS. The machines on show were very unspecific in their details but the brands that were on show included Alienware, Chronos and Gigabyte and ranged in prices from as low as £300 all the way up to fully beefed i7 32GB RAM 6TB HDD with Nvidia Titan Graphics behemoths costing north of £3600. Valve did not have any own brand devices however they didn’t rule out a possibility of making their own Steam devices in the future. A large number of the devices on show were tagged with a late 2014 launch date.


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