Spring Forward and lose all your money. Apple Event Recap.

Apple Event had a lot of great upgrades announced as well as a ton of new products and I’m here to give you the lowdown on everything that went on in San Francisco yesterday.

So first up let’s begin with the refreshes. The MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air both received updated processors in their 2015 incarnations. The 15 inch Pro now comes with a Quad-Core Intel I7 as standard and 16 GB of RAM, whereas the 13 inch version comes with a 2.7 GHz Dual Core I5 and 8GB of RAM. Both versions are now available with Retina Displays. The base model in the 13 inch range comes in at £999 and the base 15 inch comes in at an eye-watering, but still surprisingly reasonable £1599. The 13 inch versions boast 10 hours of runtime on a charge and the 15 offers slightly less at 8 hours. The MacBook Air also got a refresh and a new competitor, but more on that later. The Air now comes with the latest Broadwell chips and the whole range only offers one processor. You can only buy the 1.6 GHz I5 with 4GB of RAM. The only spec choice that you will be able to make is the screen size which is are still 11&13 inches and storage as there are two flavours, one 128GB and 2565GB on the other. Prices Start at a much more fathomable £749 and top out at £999. Battery life is expected to lie between 9-12 hours so Slab bang in the middle of the expected range.

The Apple TV did not get a refresh as a device, as it comes with the same age old internals as it did in the previous years. The nice change is that the price has been since lowered. The Apple TV will now come in at £59. This probably comes about as the streaming business has gotten very crowded recently and Apple’s device was out classed and out gunned by the cheaper Android options. The other piece of new that comes regarding the Apple TV is that it comes with exclusive rights to the new HBO service, HBO Now. The service will be launching in the US only for just now and is exclusive to the Apple V for the first three months before expanding to other platforms. For 14.99$ you will get access to all of HBO back catalogue to stream to your TV, which is a pretty good deal in comparison to all the heavy and expensive cable bundles offered in the US.Apple TV 69 PFT

Now onto some new stuff. Remember The MacBook? The Big bruiser from Apple that was iconic but sadly discontinued by Apple in 2011? Well now it’s back with a vengeance. The Massive plastic body is gone, and the device has shed most of its own body weight in the last four years – Christ, I wish I could do that – and has now got an all Gold aluminium body much like the MacBook Air. The official stat line says that It’s a 12 inch device and at its thickets its 1.3 cm thick and weighs 0.92 kg. The device is so thin that standard USB ports were too thick to use so Apple went for the new standard, the USB C. This also means that there are no other ports available. Everything must go through that USB C port and thus you need to shell out another 80$ for an adapter to actually do anything with your brand spanking new device. That’s not all, the MacBook only comes with an Intel Core M processor and top out at 1.2GHz and 8GB of RAM. This means that my Phone (Nexus 5) is actually more powerful when it comes to brute CPU force. And the price for all this Thinness?  A mere £1049. In all seriousness you can consider this a more expensive iPad that a little less fun to use and has even less functionality and is more expensive. Oh yeah and it comes in Gold, Gray and Silver.Apple new Mac PFT

The Apple Watch is however the device we all wanted to see. And boy did we see it a lot. Apple finally lifted their veil of secrecy on the pricing and availability. The base model comes in at £299 which has since become an acceptable price for a phone accessory. The Apple watch Sport much like the other two versions, the Apple Watch and the Apple Watch Edition comes in with a 38 and 42 mm editions. The top end of the scale is however a lot less accessible to the average Joe like you and me.

The Apple Watch Edition starts at an insane £8000 and tops out at £13,500.

Yep, that’s right, the watch is more expensive than the 128GB Apple iPhone 6 plus. The straps will range in price between roughly 50-250 quid for most of the closer to earth Apple watches. The device will be able to preorder on April the 10th.Apple Watch microphone PFT

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