September 10th Apple iPhone Event Confirmed – What To Expect


A lot of rumors have been floating around about Apple releasing new products on the 10th of September and Apple have finally confirmed that there will be a keynote on the 10th.

We have a lot of things to expect on the 10th so we thought we should put together a short list of what to expect.

  1. iPhone 5S – The latest beta version of iOS 7 revealed in the code that the 5S
  2. will have a biometric fingerprint scanner and will also be running apples new A7 cpu. There may also be a 128GB model of the 5S that could be avaliable in gold and possibly even silver/graphite.
  3. iPhone 5C – Apple recenlty lost a lot of market share in china to samsung and they will look to tackle this with the 5C. The 5C will have downgraded internals anda plastic back. It will be slower that the 5S but will still run iOS 7. The 5C is also expected to come in a large choice of colours.
  4. iPad mini 2 – The first iPad mini was a bit of a dissapointment spec wise as it wasnt running the newest cpu and most of all it didnt have a retina display. The iPad mini was still sucessfull due to the form factor and the design so i am really looking forward to Apple upgrading the specs and putting a retina screen on the next generation.
  5. New iPad – The next iPad is expected to have similar specs but have a change of body. We should expect to see the new iPad have a similar slim design as the iPad mini but keep the same screen size. This should do well for Apple as many people class the iPad mini as the best looking Apple product
  6. iOS 7 public release – iOS 7 has gone through the beta stages and is now finally ready to be released to the public. It is expected to come as stock on all new Apple mobile devices with no option of down grade.

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