Samsung launch the Galaxy Note 5

note5-16.0Samsung have revamped the Note with a design that fits in much better with their newer more premium line-up. The Galaxy not 5 is now made of metal and glass as opposed to the fake leather and plastic finish on the older model.

This new design of course comes with some compromises as you can no longer remove the back of the phone meaning no more removable battery and no more expandable storage.

The Note still has its stunning 5.7 inch QuadHD display which should be brilliant for  all kinds of media consumption.

The Note 5 will have a 5mpx selfie camera and a 16mpx back camera which are very similar to that on the S6 and should perform very well.

The battery is 3000mAh hours which isn’t too bad but is still a downgrade from last years model though you will now be able to use wireless charging technology.

There really isn’t too much to speak about with this new device. It has a much nicer design and some fancy new S-Pen features but apart from that it is very similar to the Note 4.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will be available as of the 21st of August though will not launch in Europe which seems like an odd move from Samsung.


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