Samsung announce the Galaxy Edge+

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus review RESIZE  (1) - Copy06-650-80Samsung have announced the brand new Galaxy Edge+ which brings the features of S6 Edge to the screen size of the Note.

Samsung have added some new functionality to the ‘edge’ to make it more of an appealing upgrade. You can now use the edge to get quick access to both your top contacts and your most recently used apps.

Internally the Edge+ is very similar to the S6 Edge with 4GB of Ram being the only noticeable difference.

The new 5.7″ screen should be perfect for media consumption and the addition of the edges could make it a very desirable device for some people.

Personally this phone doesn’t interest me at all. In my opionion 5.7″ is way to big for a smartphone and I simply don’t see the appeal of the edges in real world use. That aside this is still a very impressive device that I’m sure will sell very well.


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