Return Of PFT (we never really went away)

Everything that you are away to read is pretty much summarised by Mark’s video down below, so if you can’t be bothered to read then go ahead and watch the video.

Nonetheless, I want to start by apologising for the lack of videos as well as the lack of articles.  I guess this can be accredited to a number of reasons, but if I was to single out one then I would have to go with change of surroundings. In September I left Aberdeen for Glasgow to go to university and like most people I need time to acclimatise and find my bearings about the place as well as getting used to the workload at university. This was four months ago and now following the Christmas break I feel like it is time to kick on again with PFT, and with bringing informative content.

As is tends to be in life, there are a few pitfalls in the way that we did not have to deal back in Aberdeen and so the content creation process is more difficult than it was before. First off, I stay in halls of residence which aren’t the quietest of places at the best of times and this often gets in the way of writing or editing content and that eventually affects the final product. Internet speeds aren’t helpful either as the internet provider KeySurf (both for myself and Mark) is shambolic offering very little in the terms of speed and reliability. I don’t have the same 30 Mb/s speeds I had at home with BT Fibre, and thus PFTTalk hasn’t been recorded for over three months. None of these should be acceptable excuses but sadly there is very little we can do about these issues. Hopefully down the stretch these problems will be taken care of but for now we are just going to have to struggle on.

On the positive side, coming back to halls has made me to try and become more organised following the fiasco of my last exam diet and use my time in a much more efficient fashion so that I can achieve a lot more and waste less time. I’m hoping that this will give visible results down the stretch but only time will tell if this is the case. By no means am I promising a timetable for content to be published as news in the tech industry often comes in dribs and drabs, but what I do want to say is that PFT shall again receive the attention that it needs from me.

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