Proper Multitasking headed to iPad?

WWDC is right around the corner and the rumours of we might expect from the giant from Cupertino have certainly picked up in the last few weeks. Some experts are speculating about a new device which could be dubbed the iPad Pro, which certainly could be a revolution. However, for me personally, a larger iPad would not be the biggest announcement if it comes. As I see it, for a tablet to fully replace the PC/Laptop in your life, it must do multitasking properly. Sadly, if you look at an iPad now, you cannot really multitask. I mean, yes you can quickly jump between apps but that is not really true multitasking. On a proper PC you can have multiple windows open at the same time, pulling data from one window and using it in an application in the next. Such multitasking has only been glimpsed on device such as the Galaxy Note, but never made a full transition to the tablet market.ipad-pro-03

Recent reports from Apple insiders have told us that Apple could finally be bringing this long awaited feature to their iPad line up. This split screen mode could allow your iPad to support up to 3 apps at once, dividing the screen into thirds or halves as required. A similar feature exists in Windows 8 which demonstrates similar principles. This would also allow on app to take up more than one slot, allowing the customers to run two Safari tabs at the same time, saving you time from switching one to the other.

The split screen feature was pencilled for last year’s WWDC, to coincide with the iPad Air event, but was eventually scrapped due to the sheer volume of software needs of the company, as devices such as the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch were required to be developed with their own special needs. However, at last with a little breathing room, Apple has reportedly decided to revisit this feature ahead of the reported launch of the iPad Pro, to maximise the usability of the extra screen area.
Personally, I see this as an oversight from both Apple and Google. Such a feature would make any tablet a device that would be the final nail in the coffin of the PC. It bewilders me as to neither company has thought of this before. As a consumer, I would see this as a key selling point, enough to sway me one way or the other. This could be the final definitive step in people fully migrating from PC’s to tablets. Realistically, if you only surf the internet, you don’t really need a PC. Granted, professionals that use high power applications such as the Adobe CS6 packages or Final Cut Pro, nothing will ever replace the PC. For us mere mortals, tablets could be the fantastic future ahead

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