Project Fi- A possible revolution on the horizon

In a move that has been long rumoured, Google has decided to launch its own mobile carrier in the US of A. The Project Fi as it’s known, is a concept idea where the customers get the access to two of America’s largest LTE coverages as well as improved connectivity through the extensive use of Wi-Fi calling. The idea behind Project Fi is that your phone periodically searches for a better connection, whether that it’s an LTE tower connection or Wi-Fi. Furthermore, Project Fi is going to work with not only mobile phones, but also a host of other gadgets like your tablets and laptops. It keeps getting better and better as Google was also kind enough to release pricing which is very competitive in terms of its competition. You pay 20$ for Unlimited Domestic Calls and Texts with Unlimited international Texts and coverage in 120+ countries worldwide, and then you only pay an extra 10$ for each 1GB of data. Drawbacks? A few as expected. Initially, the program is only open to Nexus 6 customers only (duh) and like I said at the start its only limited to the USA with no initial word on rollout to other devices and countries.pfi

In theory a good idea. Will it work out, perhaps? I guess the success of this lies in how well it’s adopted by the public. For somebody who knows their tech well and has actually herd of the Nexus brand, this is fantastic. BUT, and it’s a big one, not many people have heard of Nexus devices. If google does open this up to other devices and perhaps more countries, this could be a possible success down the line.  Limiting this exclusively to your device is a marketing ploy if anything, but I hope the potential for a revolution in mobile carriers is not squandered. My fear for the time being is that Google will drop it as there will be a low volume of initial signees and shall deviate from this brilliant path. In fairness, Google Plus Is still around so who knows. Like with most things in tech, time will tell.pfi2

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