More Pixels?? New Chromebook Pixel on its Way

In 2013, Google showed off a proof of concept to its Chrome following. The Chromebook Pixel was announced as the flagship Chromebook on the market. Drop dead gorgeous looks, coupled with a stunning almost 13’display with a weird 3:2 ratio and a tremendous 239ppi. Inside there was a baby 1.8GHz Intel i5 with a 32/64GB SSD. Sadly with limited abilities and a $1300 price tag, the Pixel wasn’t a popular hit with the public.456

Now a member of the Chrome team has confirmed that a 2015 follow up is going to be released. It is expected to be another proof of concept, a device of self-indulgence for the engineers at Mountain View. An engineer’s dream of sorts. No concrete details have been leaked on the 2015 version, but we can expect something to be done about the battery life issues that plagued the initial device. Again, no word has been mentioned on the release date or price, but it would seem reasonable to expect the device to be announced/released in May during Google’s I/O conference, where Google tends to unveil its projects.789

Personally, I don’t have any high hopes for this device. Like The Google Representative said, it’s a proof of concept so it isn’t aimed to be a smash hit reaching multimillion sales. I expect it to push boundaries of design, in terms of size and weight. Due to its lack of requirement for power of the CPU, I don’t expect to be blown away by the specs of the device. The battery and the Screen could be areas targeted by Google, and could be a start of something new amongst laptop manufacturers. I would be surprised if Google didn’t show off some new battery technology that would decrease charge time and increase actual lasting time.


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