More Third Party Apps on The Xbox

Perhaps one of the biggest complaints amongst the users of the Xbox One is the lack of applications available on the platform. Whilst there are some usable apps on the platform, there are few and they are far between. Ever since the inception of the Xbox One Microsoft has promised that third party applications will play an integral part in the ecosystem. Thus far this hasn’t been the case but Microsoft has set out to rectify this problemrestaurantapps.

It has been recently announced that in May, developers will get their hands on the latest SDK which will open up the ability to submit apps to a wider community of developers. Thus far, only a selected number of developing studios were allowed access, however this is going under a reformation. Microsoft has decided to make the process of submitting apps to the Xbox platform as easy as it is to make a Windows Phone app. More information will be revealed on the matter during Microsoft’s Developer conference in April.Spotify logo 2013

I believe that his is a step that should have been taken a long time ago.  For me personally, there are some crucial services that need to appear on the Xbox platform to gain an edge on the PlayStation.  Apps like Spotify or BT Sport and Sky are badly needed to bring the system forward. However the biggest update for me would be the ability to play music in the background without the need to snap two applications side by side. If you have experienced this, then you know how annoying this is. A little thing, but pisses me off more than most. Anyhow, hurry up Microsoft.

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