Moto G 3rd Gen, Sony Bezel-less flagship? Weekend Smartphone leaks

moto-g-3rd-genSo we have reached the back end of the week, and finally been treated some good smartphone leaks. Let’s start with some unfortunate blokes over in India who will probably will lose their jobs over this first leak. An Indian retailer called FlipKart put up a page offering the Moto G 3rd Gen. The interesting thing about this story is that they have put up the specs, and for a budget device, they are pretty intriguing. The headlines lie in the screen which get a bump up from 720p to a full 1080p as well as the RAM upgrade to 2GB. The workhorse inside will likely be the Snapdragon 610 which should pair nicely with the extra RAM. No word on the camera or the actual screen size or even the price. This is a very early leak, so the specs may change as the expected announcement date lies around September this year, keeping in sync with the previous update cycle of the device. Perhaps this may speed up the release of the next generation of the hugely popular G.


Sadly the second leak of this weekend is a lot less detailed than the first. A Chinese twitter account @upleaks tweeted out reported designs for a new possible Sony flagship. Sony recently released the Xperia Z4- which as a matter of fact hasn’t launched in the UK or the US- but with rather disappointing specifications, not many expect the device to hold its own against the usual suspects like the S6 or the M9. Codename lavender as its known, looks to be the first real foray of an established manufacturer into bezel-less foray of devices. The first attempt at a bezel-less phone was the Sharp Aquos which was strange in more than one way. Unlike the Aquos, the Lavender looks much more like a device that you would recognise at your local phone shop. A balanced device, that looks a little odd, but not enough to be deemed completely insane and unsuitable for public use. Again, no word has been dropped on the specifications, screen size or camera or the price or release date.  There is a possibility that this is a HALO device, or a proof of concept and we may never actually see the Lavender hit the shelves, but it’s nice to see the manufacturers take a step in the right direction.


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