Lollipop Update in March?

Lollipop 5.0 may have been out for a few months, but the next update is currently being baked inside the depths of Google’s tech ovens. The HTC vice president Mo Versi confirmed on Twitter that Google is working on an update to Lollipop.  Versi did not disclose too much as to what will be different in this update, but in his Tweet he did say that we should expect it around March, somewhere near Google’s planned Maintenance Update for Android.

Right now we can only speculate as to what will be included in this update. Popular additions would include improvements to Google Now, as well as battery life and the new notification features present in Lollipop. Personally I would like to see more to be done about notifications and the inability to use the latest features if you have a pass-code on your device. It is a small thing, but even the like of the iPhone can reply to a text with a locked screen.  Camera software could also use a lick of new paint, perhaps even Docs implementation. As I said, nothing is concrete at the moment so sit tight for a few more weeks till March where I hope to receive the patch update to my Nexus to see what’s what. Buffeting….

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