My issues with COD AW

Call-of-Duty-Advanced-Warfare-KS-Closeup-670x350I’m afraid that it’s that time again. The time for a rant. And this time my subject is Call Of Duty’s latest release- Advanced Warfare. Now, I’m a massive fan of the older releases of the franchise such as the Modern Warfare series and the first Black Ops game. I really enjoyed them for their fantastic story lines with the twists and turns. Furthermore, the online multiplayer was seriously addictive, so much so that I clocked in over 10 days of online play on MW3. These were massive productions, each grossing more than the previous. But then came Black Ops 2. For me it came as a, well, disappointment. Whilst it was a blockbuster at the shops, it was underwhelming where it mattered to me most. The story line was dull and it wasn’t helped that the creators came with some totally insane tech that was more at home in H.A.L.O than Cod such as the invisibility suits and the some of the remote warthog things. The games saving grace was the strength of the online multiplayer experience. Whilst the guns did seem a little too futuristic for my liking, I was able to cope as most of the maps were ok to play and the online community didn’t have too many spawn trappers. The games best features was of course Zombies. The original map was crap and difficult as hell, the map packs brought us some of the finest work that Treyarch has ever done. Die Rise was spectacular, Mob Of the Dead was phenomenal and Origins was just mind blowing. Zombies were so good, that in fact, they were the only reason why I bought the game in the first place. A year later came the next incarnation called Ghosts, which I will totally gloss over due to the fact that the game was so bad on so many levels for me, that I totally scrapped the idea of getting it after watching less than 60 seconds of a detailed play through on launch day.

Now enough of the backstory and lets focus on Advanced Warfare. The Multiplayer trailer came out today, and having watched the trailer a few times over, I have made my mind up about the latest Cod. And well, let’s just say I want be asking for the latest Cod for Christmas. For me, the root of the problem lies with the setting. 2054 is waay to for in the future. The success of the MW series came about as it was current and relevant. 2054 is so far in the future that I’ll probably be six feet under. This too futuristic setting means that the guns are a little mad and the movement capabilities are plainly insane. The problem that I have with Advanced Warfare is that if I wanted a good FPS game set in the future, I’d go and get Titanfall or HALO. The absolutely no need for Cod to invade that market. It would make more sense for Activision to go and get a different studio to make them a futuristic FPS rather than ruining the world’s most popular FPS. Cod has always been about WW2 and present day. I understand that Black Ops 2 and Ghosts sales figures were an encouraging sign for Activision to pursue the futuristic themes, but at the same time, they forgot about the thousands that play their old games such as MW2 on a permanent basis because they are plainly better than the more recent releases. To me it seems that Cod is now living off past glories, whilst sales will remain high, there will be a trend of people paying less attention to the latest release but will in turn look at Battlefield or Halo or Destiny or even the Borderlands franchise. But anyway, that’s just my opinion. Make your mind up and watch the video below.

cod aw

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