iPhone 6S rumours – 02/07/2015

Over the last two days we have seen numerous leaks surrounding the next generation of the iPhone, the 6S and the 6S plus. A few different sources have brought forward reports detailing some of the insides of the new devices. Firstly, we have seen reports surface regarding the LTE chips and antennas expected to feature in the upcoming iPhones. The leaks suggest that the Cupertino company has decided to stick with Qualcomm as the manufacturer for the LTE chips, but has gone ahead and decided to use a new version of the old chip, which now allows for twice the speed of data transfer from a hypothetical 150 mbps to 300 mbps with a real world average to be expected around 220 mbps. The new chips is supposed to be smaller than its predecessor and more power efficient, both of which would possibly lead to a larger battery and extender battery life. Sadly, not everyone will be able to benefit from the new capabilities as only a few select cities in the US support higher speed LTE. British customers probably will not notice a difference between the versions due to the standard of LTE in Britain, whereas the South Korean consumers shall be able to fully indulge in the 300mbps glory of their new iPhone.

6s-2Secondly, we have seen more support of previous leaks that we have reported previously on PFT. Namely, we have seen reports from Foxconn workers regarding the pink iPhone making a debut. Newer leaks point forward to a new FaceTime camera that will up the selfie-game to 5mpx, whereas the rear camera is reportedly capable of 4K video and 240FPS slow motion recording with 12mpx sensor. Insides shall feature and A9 processor coupled with 2GB of RAM. In addition, reports have suggested that Touch ID shall be now 30% faster than before and Force Touch is now almost certainly destined to be a big feature on the next iPhone.

What does this all mean? Well, like most S versions before, the 6S isn’t likely to be a leap forward. Force Touch adds more capabilities, faster and more power efficient LTE is great, even if only in theory. Camera upgrades are always welcome, especially 4K video coming to the masses as well as mind boggling 240 FPS video. Definitely features that the wider public will make good use of. Price wise, I’d expect this to come in at the same level as its predecessor with 16GB being the basic version coming in at £539.


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