iPhone 6s to come in pink and have force touch

iPhone-6-Android-Wear1-PFTApple tends to stick to a strict schedule when it comes to their iPhone line. One year they will release a phone with a new number (e.g. iPhone 5). This phone will have some upgraded specks and some new features but the main change is the shape/size. A year later Apple will then release the “s” version which will maintain the same design but have a new feature like siri or touch iD.

If Apple stick to this then we can expect to see a new iPhone 6s within the next few months. As expected this will most likely maintain the same design as the 6 but have a few changes. Some of these changes have been leaked on the news including a new colour option.

Recent articles have suggested that the iPhone 6s will come in Space Gray, Gold, Silver and an all new Pink option. This isĀ of course not official and I would be very surprised if Apple included a Pink option but if you are eager to get some more colourful options then the 6s may be the phone for you. This may be similar to what we saw in the iPhone 5c.

Another feature that I am fairly certain that we will see in the iPhone 6s is force touch. This is feature that was originally announced with the Apple Watch and was later added to some of Apples laptops. Apple will likely add this to the touch-screen allowing you to use this in some gestures. It essentially enables the iPhone to measure how hard you are pushing on the display. Apple may even add a feature that will be able to read your finger print from anywhere on the screen rather than just on the home button.

I would expect to see this device some time near the end of summer and be sure to stay tuned here on PFT for updates as soon as we hear more about this device.

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