New iPhone 6S Leaks/Rumours

We have recently heard reports from a south Asian based investment company about the upcoming iPhone 6s. The leaked reports give us a few details about what we can expect to find in the latest generation of the beloved iPhone. The headline specifications include a jump to 2GB of RAM- a standard amongst Android flagships for about a year- and a move to a 12mpx camera. The jump to 2GB of RAM is significant as we see that Apple has finally decided to really focus on the processing abilities of its phones rather than mainly focusing on the graphics capabilities through innovations such as Metal. This also means that it is a possibility that Apple has maxed out the potential of the current generation hardware, and might make a jump the following year to a quad core based chip? On the camera front, 12mpx is not ground breaking when you look at the competitors, however we know that Apple’s camera optics are usually leaps and bounds ahead of the competition and so the size of the sensor isn’t as watch rose

Other details leaked included a possibility of ForceTouch, as well as almost confirming the Rose coloured iPhone and blasting the rumours of a 4 inch iPhone into oblivion. Starting with ForceTouch, Apple might be keen to bring one of the only good technological innovations from the Apple Watch to the much wider smartphone market. The ability to recognise whether you tapped the screen or pressed hard has its uses and application and I’d be glad to see them used in the next generations of smartphones. Furthermore, this is not the first time we heard of the rose gold iPhone or the possibility to return to the 4 inch form factor, however these reports suggest the worst possible outcome. Firstly, we are going to have a pink, tasteless and vulgar iPhone which is almost going to bring an explosion of abhorrent colours to smartphones that will follow. Secondly and perhaps most importantly we won’t see a 4 inch iPhone. I guess this is much more of a personal thing, but I was really excited to see a return to the 4 inch form factor for people who don’t want to strain their hands to use their phone.

Last but not least, Touch ID will be refined and we may see more microphones on the device. Aside from that, we can expect the same 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch devices to be announced in the fall of 2015.iphone6

For most, this is a mixed bag. More RAM and a better camera are always welcome as well as ForceTouch, but a bloody pink iPhone is a bridge too far for me in terms of taste. Like I said before, the lack of a smaller device is a personal disappointment, but in the wider public opinion I guess not many will care. Most importantly, it’ll be interesting how Apple builds on the iPhone 6, and how much better they can make it within this generation of the iPhone. For now, we are just going to have to wait till September/October to find out.

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