iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Announced – Specs and Details

unnamed (1)So, after weeks of speculations and leaks, here we finally have the finished Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

Well whats new you might be asking? A lot is the simple answer. The S versions of the iPhone don’t tend to be groundbreaking, and to be perfectly, neither is this one, but it does a better job of bringing the iPhone forward than the others have done previously.BN-KF514_0909AP_G_20150909145948

First thing as you can see is 3D Touch. As we previously extensively reported, Apple has decided to bring ForceTouch to the iPhone. In the journey from the wrist to the palm, the technology has managed to change its name, whilst the key ideas remain exactly the same. 3D Touch allows for a recognition of how hard somebody is pressing the screen and thus allowing for more features in the apps and games, heavily shown off in the iOS 9 promos. As expected, the iPhone 6s shall be the first to carry the iOS 9 straight out of the box.

Siri is making some ground up to its biggest rival – Google Now – with an always on feature. This was rather sadly the only new feature for Siri, aside from its new residence in the new Apple TV.BN-KF534_iphone_G_20150909151901

The Camera on the iPhone has finally seen an increase in resolution, following years and years of focusing on the surrounding lens hardware and image processing software. The sensor in now a 12 mpx instead of a 8 mpx and is itself different from most through some trench technology of which Apple was very proud of. Long story short, the pixels should be better at picking up the light, with less noise in your images. On the front, the iSight camera is now a 5 mpx one, with the screen being used for flash effects. For the very first time, an iPhone shall now be capable of crispy 4K video, and presumably 1080p 60fps as well. Apple also blethered on about their Live Photos, that are essentially a fancy application of a GIF with a fancy new name. A cheap and mediocre gimmick to attract the wider public.

The Outside is now constructed from Aviation Aluminium to combat the Bend-Gate from last year. We shall see how that does when Unbox Therapy bend his new iPhone 6s. Inside, there is a new 64bit A9 chip that also features on the iPad Pro. The performance is rumoured to be capable of editing two 4K clips in iMovie at once.3050916-inline-s-4-apple-introduces-the-new-iphone-6s-and-iphone-6s-plus

The preorders start on the 12th of September, with the quoted shipping date being the 25th of September. Prices start at £539 for the 16GB version. Oh and also, it now comes in Rose Gold. Which makes me froth at the mouth, but more on that in my personal review of the announcement.3934e474-ff3a-456e-afbb-59e4a15eb9a5-bestSizeAvailable

Stay tuned to PFT as we bring you the latest coverage from the event, with our views, opinions and insights on the new products.


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