iPad Pro cases hint that Apple may launch this device very soon

The iPad Pro rumours have been circulating for what seems like an eternity now but over the past few days we have seen multiple leaks from various sources that suggest this device will launch some time this year.

Earlier today Unbox Therapy published a video showing some cases for the iPad Pro which show off the large, slim form factor. In the past case leaks usually mean that the device is to be launched within the next few months and in this case I would expect that we will see it at Apples September event.

This 12+ inch tablet will aim to replace a lot of peoples laptops and will also be aimed at those who travel a lot and consume large amounts of media.

It will be very interesting to see how Apple market this device and also how they plan to manufacture it because if you were to scale up the current iPad Air to these dimensions it would likely have many weak points and would be very susceptible to bending.

Another thing that we don’t yet know about this device is what operating system it will run. Because this is sized between the iPad and the MacBook Apple could use either Mac OS or iOS on this device or we may even see a touch optimized hybrid which will be very interesting to try out.

We will be sure to keep you updated on this device as it will likely be a very big launch so make sure to stay tuned for further content on the iPad Pro.

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