iPad Pro blueprints leak

iPad Pro blueprints PFTiPad Pro rumours have been circulating for the past few years and today we have yet another piece of evidence that suggests that one day Apple may actually decide to show us this mysterious product.

These alleged iPad Pro blueprints give us a slightly more detailed look at what to expect from Apples giant table. First of all the image gives us the measurements of the iPad Pro so we can see just how big this device may be. There are also 4 speaker grills on the device which should allow for very high quality audio and will make this device perfect for media consumption.

One noticeable change from previous rumours is that the iPad Pro pictured here only has one port which by the looks of things is Apples lightning port. In the past reports have suggested that the iPad Pro would feature multiple ports and maybe even a USB port.

This is of course not an official document and even if this is accurate to what Apple are planning there will likely be multiple changes before Apple launch the product. The iPad Pro is certainly a very interesting device and I can wait to see what Apple have planned for this product. We will be sure to keep you updated if we here anything else about this device.

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