iPad Pro Announced – Detailed Spec

Apple’s event in San Francisco has finished just over an hour ago, and here at PFT we are bringing you the spec rundown for all the latest devices announced. We start with the long awaited iPad Pro which is all together a different beast.unnamed

A proper step up from the like of the iPad Air 2, the Pro is more like a screen only laptop than a tablet in its own right. The image above really speaks for itself. A new 12.9 inch screen that has is 78% larger than the one found on the iPad Air 2. The new A9 processor that is at least twice as fast as the processor found on the iPad Air in terms of the CPU performance as well as three times as fast Graphic performance. The iPad Pro also now features 4 speakers, one in each corner providing surround sound, as well as active monitoring when the device is moved. The new behemoth now also has a magnetic port on the side to connect with accessories, much like the port found on the Apple Watch. The biggest addition to the iPad Pro is the new Apple Pencil, which is essentially a posh stylus for the iPad.0559d7de-a264-4dc3-b233-dd821786c01a-620x372

The iPad Pro shall come with all new iOS 9 which shall allow proper multitasking, by allowing two apps to be ran side by side to allow for a true multitasking experience. iOS 9 shall be available to download on September the Sixteenth.

The Base model of the iPad Pro shall come in at an eye watering $799, which equates to £520, suggesting the starting price in the UK shall be between 550 and 600 pounds sterling. Apple wasn’t specific about release dates, but November was mentioned as the release month so we still have a little while to wait.


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