iOS 7 – Whats New?

On the 10th of june at WWDC Apple announced the long-awaited iOS 7. It is currently only available to developers but will be released to the public this Fall. Since Apple released the first iPhone in 2007 iOS has kept the same general design but this new iOS has changed drastically. iOS 7 keeps the same layout so it is very easy to switch over from iOS 6 to iOS 7 but the design looks very different.


This is only a beta version so the final design may look different to this but you can see that it has a much flatter design and the icons are more “cartoony”. iOS 7 also has a lot of opaque glass style features which show what is running underneath when you are in the control centre on the notifications bar.


Along with the design changes there are many new features. iOS 7 has a parallax feature which uses the gyroscope in your iPhone to track your movement and create a cool 3D effect which separates the apps from the background image.


Also if you set a panorama as your background then it will scroll along your picture by tilting your phone. iOS 7 also has control centre which allows you to toggle settings and go straight to some stock utility apps.


I have been using iOS 7 seven for the last few weeks and it is working very well apart from a few minor bugs which I’m sure that Apple will fix for the public release this fall.io7 3 phones

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