Intel Skylake is Here

It certainly didn’t take long for the IFA in Berlin to give us the first exciting news of the day, and this title goes to Intel as the chip maker announced the successor to the Broadwell CPU line – called Skylake.

MSI_GT72_headerSo what’s the difference between Broadwell and Skylake? Well, quite a few important changes have taken place. For starters, on Core M models you can expect 40 percent faster graphics coupled with better battery performance as well as out of the box support for 4K displays, allowing for up to 3 screens to be ran at once at maximum resolution. Aside from the Core M line – which has now, much like the Core I line, been split into m3, m5 and m7 – there are upgrades coming across the range of processors. Intel shall now offer an unlocked mobile version of i7 which shall be a Quad core 2.7GHz chip, as well as new Quad core i5s running at 2.3 and 2.5 GHz each, not to mention the first appearance of Xenon CPU’s making a tactical expansion into the laptop platform aimed at the gamers and creative types.

ThinkPad+Yoga+notebook+modeThese updated CPU’s should be slowly trickling down to the public in a slew of new devices as we firmly expect to see a lot of the implemented in the refreshed versions of all the Mac’s, from the MacBook to the iMac as well as new Alienware devices from Dell. The first devices running the Skylake platform are being announced as I write this article. The new line of Lenovo ThinkPads and MSI gaming laptops have already been revealed on stage in Berlin.


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