GTA V Launches on PC

GTA V PCAfter multiple delays Rockstar have finally launched their top seller, Grand Theft Auto five on PC. This comes about a year and a half after the game released on console.

Although it is still largely the same game that was released on console there are a few noticeable improvements that might make you want to start playing it again.

First of all if you have a good enough PC this game will have much better graphics. It will be able to play at a full 60fps and even 4K if you have 4K monitor to play it on. This is far above what we have seen on console and should make the open world look stunning.

Rockstar have also added an all new video editor that will let you direct your own videos within the game. We haven’t really seen anything like this before and it is a very interesting feature.

There will also of course be a huge list of avaliable mods that have been created to add even more features to the game and I would predict that there will be some extremely fun ones coming very soon.

On top of all of this if you make the move over from console you will not loose any of your online progress. You can import your online character and start off where you left off on your PlayStation or Xbox.

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