GoPro launch the new Hero 4 session

GoPro hero 4 session 3 PFTGoPro have announced their newest GoPro action camera, the GoPro session.

The GoPro session is a small compact camera that is very easy and simple to use. This is the first time that GoPro have changed the overall shape of their camera by moving to the cube design.

GoPro hero 4 session PFTThe GoPro session will have a new way of mounting. It clips into a frame like enclosure that will allow you to mount the GoPro to all previous GoPro accessories.

The Hero 4 session will cost $399 and will shoot almost as high quality as the Hero 4 Black. It can shoot up to 1440p at 30fps, 1080p at 60fps and 720p at 100fps. It will also be able to snap 8mpx photos.

In the past you needed to place the GoPro into a waterproof housing to be able to use it underwater but with the Hero 4 session there is no need for a waterproof housing. The session is waterproof up to 10 meters so will be perfect for any kind of water-sports activity.

GoPro hero 4 session 2 PFTThe Hero 4 session only has on button on the top of the camera and a switch on the side to control the wifi option. In order to control the settings of this camera you have to connect it to the GoPro app and the button on the top will allow you to turn the camera on and off and start and stop the recording.

Since the GoPro is symmetrical it will fit into its mounting frame at any rotation which will allow you to be more creative with your shots. The lack of external housing will also result in better audio quality as the microphones won’t be blocked by a waterproof casing.

Overall this seems to be a big advancement from GoPro. It may not shoot in as high resolution or frame rate as previous GoPros but it is significantly smaller and more versatile. GoPro continue to amaze us by releasing smaller and more powerful cameras and this GoPro Hero 4 session doesn’t disappoint.


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