Google kills off the Nexus 7

 Ever since Its initial release in 2012, the nexus 7 has been a constant in an ever changing line up of the google devices. Sadly this is no more as rumours have turned into fact as google have now officially pulled the baby tablet from its range. From this morning the tablet is no longer available from the play store suggesting that it is now discontinued.

The Nexus 7 was the first real challenger to the mighty iPad. It showed that you can make money on the content and not the hardware. The sub $200 price tag was its key selling point beside its fabulous specs. The 7 got a refresh a year later ,bringing even better specs to the table

I think that Google took the right step by getting rid of the 7. Logically it makes more sense to go for the 9 which is much better equipped with fresher hardware and software. The 9 is better than the 7 in almost every aspect bar the price. It makes sense as the 9 is now the natural rival to the iPad mini, making the poor 7 obsolete. You’ll be missed little one.

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