Galaxy S6 Rumour Mill

So the Galaxy S5 has been out a year and the tech world is hotly anticipating this year’s follow up. Lately there have been a few leaks here and there with some vague details which give us little concrete details on the future device. We expect the device to be called Galaxy S6, keeping in line with the previous iterations. From a more technical aspect, we would be surprised to see a screen that’s smaller than 5 inches, and the common consensus is that the screen will likely be around the 5.1 inch mark. Details about the inside of the device are as scarce as the ones about the outside. With the brand new Android support of the 64-bit architecture, I for one would not be shocked to see a whole new architecture system being brought to the Galaxy S line. Rumours have been flying around that support a theory of a new Galaxy Note Tab with a 64-bit chip so a S6 with a similar chip is not out of the question.Samsung-Galaxy-S6-leak

Software wise, Samsung may have finally realised that it was their bloat ware the severely let down their devices. There have been a few recent reports that suggest that Samsung will finally give up on its hopeless and tacky apps and have gone with perhaps the smartest decision that they have ever taken and decided to use Microsoft apps. This means that the S6 would come more equipped than any other device out there bar its age old enemy.

The S6 is certainly an exciting device that we here at PFT are looking forward to. It will be certainly interesting to see what the key selling point of this device will be. Will it be the productivity, the speed, or perhaps the price? It remains to be seen, but for now we must wait till MWC when the device is again rumoured to be released. Hold on tight world, this one may be a wild one

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