What to Expect from Apple on March 9th?

Apple have already started to put up decorations on the Yerba Buena centre in San Francisco as we near their event on March the 9th. As that day looms, what can we expect to be announced by apple that they haven’t already announced?

Well, plenty of things. For starters, we know that we will be getting more information about the Apple Watch. These will included specs like battery life and pricing as well as availability and launch dates. We have been made aware of this event a fair time a go and the anticipation for the Apple Watch couldn’t be higher.

Now, let’s dive into the unknown. What else could Apple have hidden up its metaphorical sleeve? Rumours suggest that a new Retina MacBook Air could be on its way. The device is rumoured to have a 12 inch screen that would cover the gap between the 13 inch and 11 inch versions leaving Apple to only manufacture one. Specs inside would probably include last generation Intel Broadwell chips to improve performance and increase battery life. The device would also be a lot thinner than previous iterations, requiring a new type of USB that would be much thinner than the 3.0 standard.Apple-Spring-2015-event-PFT

A new version of the iPad could also be announced. The idea of the long rumoured iPad Pro has been kicking about for absolute ages. The device would reportedly have a 12.9 inch screen which would be a huge jump from the original 9.7 inches. Specs would likely include An A8x chip or some other form of a reworked Apple chip. The likelihood of the public seeing this device in four days is minimal as I would assume that Apple has the sense to keep the iPad announcements all at one time, nearer the holiday season.

iPods could also be in line for a makeover. With the iPod touch and Nano being untouched since 2012, the two devices need a refresh, whether it would be unifying the design language that has changed since the last versions were released, or upgrading the performance by including Metal, or improved battery life on the Nano. The Shuffle hasn’t been touched since 2010 and it could well do with a new lick of paint. For me personally, out of the possible announcements, this is the most likely

All in all, it’s a guessing game. The Apple Watch will definitely be talked about, but anything else is really a bonus. I guess that we can happily wait for each of the announcements to take place in their own time, to allow Apple enough to not release half-arsed products for the sake of upgrading them. Anyhow, four days to go so stay tuned to pixelfiendtech.com for more leaks and news as we get them and extended coverage of the event.

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