Vue cinema to host the first eSports event in the UK

esports vue uk PFTeSports seems to be one of the most quickly growing events on the planet at the moment with some major advances in recent months. Next month eSports will hit another milestone with the first “real” eSports event ever to take place in the UK.

Of course there have been many online eSports events involving UK-based competitors but we have never seen an eSports event in the flesh in the UK.

Gfinity have formed a deal with Vue cinemas to host this event and it will take place next month. It will be able to seat 600 spectators across three custom built stages. There are already 25 events scheduled to take place between now and September and we can expect to see games such as Call of Duty, Halo and Starcraft II.

If this is a success we should expect to see dedicated eSports arenas popping up across the country which will be very good for the growth of this new sport.

Personally I don’t see the attraction to eSports and I believe that it has a very limited potential audience but it is good to see the sport growing and expanding across the globe. Be sure to stay tuned for more eSports updates coming in the future.

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