Developer gets Android Wear to work with his iPhone

The Moto 360 is a beautiful piece of hardware but one of the main issues with it for a lot of people is that it doesn’t work with iOS rendering it useless for all iPhone users. Yesterday Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh published a video on YouTube showing us that he has managed to find a way to use his Moto 360 running Android Wear with his iPhone running iOS (no jailbreak). He has done this using ANCS which is the same technology that Pebble use in their smartwatches.

android ware moto 360 PFTWhile this is not exactly an ideal way to use your smartwatch it is very interesting to see that Android Wear is capable of receiving iOS notifications.

I would love for Google to open up Android Wear to iOS users as at the moment I am limited to a very small selection of smartwatches that are compatible with my iPhone. I don’t see this as a feature that will be added any time soon but I think it would be a good move on Google’s behalf.

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