Casio smartwatch coming this year

casio smartwatch PFTOver the past year or so we have had many smartwatch offerings from technology companies but we have yet to see a real contender from a traditional watch company. Recent reports suggest that Casio may be planning to change this.

According to comments made by the companies president today Casio are working on a smartwatch that “won’t break easily, is simple to put on and feels good to wear”.

Casio have made Bluetooth enabled watches before but nothing that could really be considered a fully fledged smartwatch. This device will most likely not run Android wear and it will most likely be very basic. The device will be rugged and will be designed to fit in with Casio’s current watch line-up.

Personally I am really looking forward to see what Casio have to offer. I really like the idea of  a simple device that only does what you need it to. This will most likely mean that the battery will be much better than other smartwatches as it won’t have to power a fancy display and an advanced operating system.

This device is set to come out in March next year and will cost around $400.


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