Apple Watch Updates From Apples San Francisco Keynote

apple-watch-hermes-630x296The first item that apple chose to speak about at their latest keynote in San Francisco was the Apple Watch.

As you most likely know, the Apple Watch is Apples flagship wearable device and since its launch in April it has been very popular. Apple spoke about Watch OS 2 at their last keynote and yesterday they confirmed that this will come out on the 16th of September. Watch OS 2 brings many handy features such as third party complications, new watch faces and a new time machine function which allows you to easily see what you have coming up throughout the day.

Apple also announced a new version of the Apple Watch which they designed alongside Hermes. This watch is styled slightly differently and comes with three band choices. Apple also updated the classic leather buckle with a two tone finish and added a product red variant to the sport bands.

Finally Apple announced two new finishes to the Apple Watch sport, gold and rose gold in anodized aluminium. These will come in at the same price as the Apple Watch Sport meaning that you will be able to get the more expensive looking Gold finish without having to pay a ridiculous £10,000.



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