Apple To Release A Keyboard Case For The New iPad

It has pretty much been confirmed that Apple will be announcing a new iPad tomorrow but there may be more than just iPads announced.

At the iPhone event Apple announced that they were entering the case game by making cases for the iPhone 5/5S/5C and it looks like that they won’t be the only devices with an upgraded line of cases. 



According to an ex-Apple employee the company are testing out a new first party iPad keyboard case to be launched along side their 5th gen iPad. This case will be similar to  Microsoft’s touch cover for their Surface range of tablets.


The surface has a build in kick stand allowing you to prop up your device while typing. This is a feature that the iPad lacks and it is very unlikely that we will see this feature added. It will be interesting to see how Apple will address this issue because you would most likely won’t to prop up your screen while typing. In the past you would be able to use the smart cover as a stand but with the keyboard on it this will not be an option while the keyboard is in use. I would also wonder if Apple will make it a folding keyboard like on the current Smart Cover or a more rigid design similar to the surface.

This will push the iPad more into the direction of people who want a cheaper more portable version of their home computer and will certainly steal some sales from Microsoft. There are already third party keyboard cases available for the iPad, coincidentally, I am typing on one right now and there are certainly a lot of improvements that could be made to the experience.

I am very interested to see if and how Apple can bypass the issues that they would have with this case. The case is only a prototype so don’t get your hopes up that it will be released at the upcoming event though I am fairly confident that we will se this product at some point in the near future.

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