Apple Launches OS X “Yosemite”

Apple’s update to Mavericks will be called OS X “Yosemite”. Yosemite will support a similar flat translucent design to that of iOS 7. Apple have also added a “Dark mode” for those who choose to go for a darker design that is less stressing on the eyes.

Yosemite will work side by side with iOS 8. The notification center will have widget access and a “today” tab allowing you to see what you have coming up in your day.

iCloud drive has been launched to make it easier to transfer files from your mobile devices to your desktops (even windows) this seems to have similar functionality as google drive and it’s nice to see that Apple are finally taking the cloud storage game more seriously.

Apple have also added some handy improvements to mail, spotlight search and Safari. Safari now presents its tabs in a more easy to use way. Airdrop has now been updated to work between iOS and OS X. Apple have also released a new app called “Handoff” which allows you to pick up from what you were working on on any device.

iPhones will now relay calls and text from everyone (even android) to iPad and mac so you don’t have to pick up your phone. You can also now make calls from your mac. This is a brilliant feature that I hope windows and Android would include.

The integration between iOS and Android is very impressive and much more well thought out than windows leap to Windows 8. Yosemite will be released to developers as of now and to public beta testers in summer. The release to the general will be in fall and won’t cost anything which is a nice touch from Apple.

I’ve been very impressed with Apple’s take on the desktop and I can’t wait to get my hands on itand try it out.

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Apple Launches OS X Yosemite
Apple Launches OS X Yosemite
Apple Launches OS X Yosemite

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