Apple increases app store size limit from 2Gb to 4Gb

appstoreToday Apple announced that they are to increase the maximum size limit for apps in the app store from 2Gb to 4Gb. This is the first time Apple have increased the file size of apps since the App store first started.

This size change will give developers much more freedom when they are creating apps though I doubt many apps will go near the 4Gb mark as a lot of people only have 16Gb phones meaning it would take up a quarter of the hard drive.

In the past few years smartphones have been linked increasingly with gaming and it seems that this change may be to do with that. Apple have support for smartphone controllers and the also have new “metal” technology that makes it easier for developers to make games. The increased file size would mean that developers would be able to upload full games to the app store with high quality settings and the complete story line that you would find on console and PC.

In my opinion this is a big step and I really think that in a few years time we will use smartphones for the majority of our gaming.

Hopefully we will see some developers take advantage of these changes in the near future as I would love to try out some console level games on my smartphone.

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