Apple announce iOS 9

iOS 9 PFTToday at WWDC Apple showcased their newest mobile operating system iOS 9.

The first new update is Siri. Siri has been lagging behind Google Now but Apple hopes that these new updates will push it further ahead. Siri is now more “proactive”. It will be able to do things like predict who is calling you from unknown numbers. There is also a new search page to the left of the home page that will be easy to access and will give you much more information.

Proactive PFTProactive will also be able to do things like start playing music when you plug in your headphones which should be a very handy feature.

Apple have also put a big emphasis on safety confirming that they will not be able to access any of your details.

Apple are also still working on Apple Pay making it easier to use and partnering with more and more sellers. Apple pay will also come to the UK at the end of this month.

Notes PFTThere have also been some big changes within the Notes app including the ability to draw and make check-lists.

Apple have finally decided to make some improvements to Apple Maps with much better directions and more accurate information.

News PFTiOS 9 will also add a news app that will be similar to apps like Flipboard and will bring you interactive articles that will be tailored to your tastes.


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