Android Wear on iOS


A few days ago I reported that there was a chance that Google was serious about bringing out support for iOS devices on the Android Wear platform. Fast forward a few days to IFA in Berlin and long behold, Google has introduced us to and Android Wear app for the iOS platform.

gsmarena_001There are a few restrictions with this new app. Sadly, due to the controlling nature of Apple, there are a few features that are considered to be key that are missing due to the restrictions that are placed on the iOS platform. Functions such as Wi-Fi support as well as interactive faces are now unavailable, with only a handful of features being functional including Email notifications as well as Translate amongst other Google services that come built in. Those who have tested the software first hand say that the experience of Android Wear on iOS is very basic at the moment, as many features that we have come to expect are not available.

images (6)The timing of this release is no accident as we are eagerly awaiting a slew of new Android Wear devices to be announced and released at the IFA in Berlin this week. If in time the issues plaguing this early release are resolved, this may bode well for Android as a whole, due to the competitive nature of the Android market and its invasion of the Apple Watch territory. Sadly, right now, any Android Wear device working with iOS is reduced to a bare watch capable one way notifications. Hopefully, Google shall find a way around these issues and bring wider support of features on the Apple platform.


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