Acer Predator Tablet on the Horizon

Quick, get Sigourney Weaver…..

pt2If you are looking to buy a tablet, and are an avid mobile gamer, you are a little limited in terms of hardware specially designed for you. For the time being your only choice is the fantastic NVidia Shield tablet. A device that combines the practically of a tablet with the pleasure of being able to use an actual controller. However, Acer now wants a piece of this very niche market as they have shown off their take on the gaming tablet. Alongside other devices in the Predator line up, Acer showed us a glimpse at the Predator tablet. A futuristic looking device that would look at home in a warzone rather than playing candy crush. The device itself isn’t trying to go for any sort of slimness factor as its goes all out with the Master Chief look. Comments were made that the device did in fact feel rather large in the hand.  Acer didn’t care to give us any specifications on the device which points to a conclusion that an actual event for the Predator line is in the pipeline. This also makes it very difficult to draw any sorts of conclusions about the device itself. If the price is right, this could be a first blockbuster tablet from Acer, however looking at their track record, there is a likely hood of the Predator to be the prey rather than the hunter in the market. We did hear rumours of haptic feedback and surround sound being mentioned making a case to not fully dismiss the Predator at face value. Personally I expect to see it at the IFA in Berlin later this year.pt1

….., Sorry I had to.

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