Apple iPad Mini Announced-Specifications

The iPad Mini has recently acquired the status of the slightly forgotten little brother. At first, the iPad Mini 3 was a very average device that was an underwhelming upgrade over the Mini 2. It only lasted a year in the market as it was today replaced by the Mini 4, whilst the Mini 2 still holds the title of the entry-level iPad for another year.

The Mini 4 is not much of a technological marvel, so much so it was omitted from the iPad segment of the announcement until the pricing of the iPad Pro was unveiled and it would have been awkward not to speak about the iPad Mini 4 that appeared on the chart. On the outside you’ll find the same old 7.8 inch panel, with a 2048×1536 resolution and a 8mpx iSight camera – capable of 1080p 30fps and Slo-mo of 120fps – on the back. Inside lives a slightly disappointing A8 chip coupled with an M8 motion processor.iPad-lineup-2015-800x451

The Mini 4 comes in at £319 with three colours to choose from, Silver, Gold and Grey as well as three storage configurations including 16, 64 and 128 GB with Wi-Fi and LTE version available in colours/configurations. From the Apple site, it is easy to derive that the device is available straight away. Like i mentioned previously, the Mini 4 is rather insignificant, much like its brethren beforehand. The Mini plugs a niche gap that has since been almost eradicated by the rise of the phablet and the perpetual push for a larger screen smartphone. 


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