2015 Apple TV announced

The Apple TV set top box has not had an update for the best part of three years since March 2012 with a small revision at the beginning of 2013. The device in that time has since become outdated, and was in danger of falling off the edge of the market into complete and utter irrelevance. However, as the Apple TV was teetering on the edge, its parent company has come to bring it back from the brink and into market relevance.COfDdpDUcAAVWDI

The 2015 Apple TV offers the same kind of experiences as the Kindle Fire TV or the Razer Forge TV, combining the streaming and gaming experience in one device. Majority of the content provided by Apple remains untouched, with only cosmetic changes being brought about by the introduction of the tvOS that is in essence a heavily modified version of iOS. With the introduction of tvOS, comes the introduction of Siri to the TV as the personal aide now can locate entertainment vie the use of your voice commands. Nothing new here.COe4OsGWcAAI5L4

What is new, are the brand new game features that make use of the new touch friendly remote. During the livestream, Crossy Road was demonstrated on the TV platform where the remote – alongside an iPhone or an iPod Touch – can be used as a games controller of sorts. With an A8 chip there is plenty of punch inside to propel most games at high frame rates, drawing comparisons with the Nintendo Wii in the process for its motion active games. Apple TV shall also support most MFI controllers that you may have lying about to enhance the gaming experience on the TV.

The new Apple TV shall be available alongside the old model – which now retails at $69 – when it launches in October for $149 for the 32GB version and $199 for the 64GB version.


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